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Hi, I'm Keri. As a wife, mother of two, and your current State Representative I see the challenges Missourians face; exorbitant healthcare costs, underfunded schools, a criminal justice system struggling to keep its citizens safe, and a legislature which prefers divisiveness and sensationalism to pragmatic solutions to real life problems.


I grew up in a military family who taught me the values of hard work, patriotism and dedication to the service of others. These are the values that have guided all of my professional pursuits. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Oklahoma, I moved to Kansas City with my husband, Kenny, and I began working for The Jackson County Children's Division. We really enjoyed the Kansas City area and decided we are Midwesterners at heart. It did not take long for us to decide that we wanted to plant roots in Lee's Summit and raise our family here.


At the Jackson County Children's Division, I worked to strengthen families, and to ensure the safety of Missouri's youngest citizens. It was working with children that led me to pursue further education and ways to better enable me to advocate for the needs of our community.


These experiences left an indelible mark on me, and influenced my desire to do more to serve my local community. Whether in courtrooms, hospitals, or schools, I have fought and advocated for fairness, justice, and to amplify the voices of those struggling beneath the weight of bureaucracy.


I believe there are solutions to the issues that each of us face, and it's time that we work toward them together. I'm ready to keep fighting. I'm ready to fight for my family's future and the future of all Missouri's families. Let's do this.

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