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Springfield News-Leader, 10/20/2020

"Ingle said it was a testament to expertise and problem-solving taking precedence over partisanship.

"I think that if we truly put the needs of the most vulnerable amongst us at the forefront of our work rather than special interests or having your name on the legislation, it’s amazing what you can accomplish," she said."

Kansas City Star, 09/13/2020

A Lee’s Summit lawmaker didn’t hesitate after she read last Sunday about the abuse girls said they had endured at a southwest Missouri Christian boarding school.

Rep. Keri Ingle said she emailed the chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect as soon as she finished reading the extensive report in The Star. Ingle is a member of that committee.

“I requested a hearing,” said Ingle, a Democrat. “I have a lot of questions.”

Kansas City Star, 06/19/2019

The birth of Keri Ingle’s daughter was a medical emergency.
The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, and Ingle started bleeding profusely.

The hospital team intervened, and everything turned out all right. But the close call gave Ingle — who went on to become a Missouri state representative — a new understanding of the individual horror stories that together make up the state’s persistently high rate of deaths due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Missouri Times, 04/11/ 2019

“Your primary job as a social worker is to advocate for the needs of the people you’re serving, and so really I view this as an extension of that role at the macro level,” continued Ingle. “That way I can be more impactful with change.”

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